Friday, August 29, 2008

Living the Dream!

My eyes are burning, my mind is spinning and I am trying to hear my own thoughts as my precious son is talking the ears off my head! I have made it through two of the nine textbooks thus far and for the most part have loved the information presented! This class is focused on leadership, leadership theories, and the differences and similarities among them... I am anxiously awaiting the excitement of the classroom discussion about all of this material...This must be one of the true signs of geekdom! I want to revel in all of my geeky glory with my fellow compatriots discussing the full range leadership theory, the psychological perspectives, the emotional role in transformational and charismatic leadership, the pygmalion effect, future predictions for leadership, business, technology and organizational structure...The mental stimulation is exciting but I must admit I am mentally and physically exhausted....Today, I read, I vacuumed, I cooked, I cleaned, I changed diapers, I played, I worked, I hope I can keep up the pace...but I must admit, I have never been one to sit back, I think I secretly enjoy the chaotic pace...loving life and living the dream, my dream!

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lance said...

Living the American dream can be more than what others call sucess. Having a family and loving them makes you a true sucess.
Happy labor day!