Monday, September 8, 2008

Exhausted But Well Read

Today I am finishing the last of the nine book reading assignment and this week begins the classroom discussions....After reading the first book I was so excited to talk about it and now after getting through eight of the books and working today to finish the ninth, I am just really exhausted and my eyes are burning.....I am looking forward to NOT needing to read nine books in such a short time frame! I have looked ahead at the syllabus and compared to this reading assignment, the rest of the class will be a cake walk, for reading at least! I have my first assignment due next week comparing and contrasting four leadership models....I love to get into papers, of course the best part is when it is finished but I love the research to start the paper and the "art of discovery" when you find an amazing source of doubt these first nine textbooks will certainly come in handy...I have had hand cramp from taking all the notes and several notebooks now filled with writing that I hope to be able to decipher when I review what I have written :-) I am left handed and so the ink stains my pinky finger as it drags across the page, so lovely, it is like the "nerd tatoo"! I have been excited about embarking on this journey to earn this degree but right now I would just like to have a massage and crawl into bed! Tomorrow begins work and class discussion so I hope to down a pot of coffee, pen in hand, glasses firmly on face, and enjoy the ride!

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Genny said...

Saw your cute comment over at Scribbit about the snake skin and nest, etc, and had to stop by. My son is constantly finding new "discoveries"!