Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting My Doctorate: Kids in Tow

Learning, and learning how to learn with Elmo and Barney in the background puts a whole new spin on concentration! So far, I am low on sleep, high on caffeine, and rough around the edges in all my nerdy, geeky awesomeness! I have nine textbooks to read over the next two weeks....argh! Exciting, yes, but also exhausting....I dreamed about leadership theories and psychodynamic processes last night....Accomplishing life and educational goals with the blessings and distractions of family, dog, dinner, bath, children, husband, laundry, groceries, and all that life entails, well, just stretches the mind, the body, the nerves, and the completion date! My plan and goal with this blog is to detail my emotional and educational journey as I work through my graduate studies to complete my doctorate in business administration....I love learning, I love life, and I love my family.....Hopefully they will all still love me during this journey and we can all learn and grow together!

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